A collection of recent notes

  • Talk: Online Analytics and ML for HPC Simulations - Pangeo Showcase

  • Pangeo Showcase talk about using SmartSim for online analytics, processing, and inference for HPC simulations. Pangeo is awesome. Great group of folks.
  • Talk: RedisConf 2021

  • The talk that Matthew Ellis and I gave at RedisConf in 2021 about SmartSim and it’s usage of Redis
  • Paper Notes: Generative Teaching Networks

  • This paper explores Generative Teaching Networks (GTN), which are similar to GANs but instead of compete, two networks cooperate on a task. With applications in multiple domains, GTNs can aid supervised learning training times, learn Reinforcement Learning tasks like cart-pole, and perform Neural Architecture Search (NAS).
  • Threading in Python

  • Threading in Python can sometimes be very confusing and frustrating. Understanding when to use the Threading module can make things much easier. These notes give some light background and some examples of good threading usage.

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