is my personal site. The author of each article will usually be me, but there may be other guest authors in the future.

Comments are enabled so that users can post feedback on articles, but also suggest updates and corrections. If you read anything on the site that could be improved or added to in some way, please politely suggest so in the comments.

Technical Rating system

The technical rating system was designed in line with the goals for the site - Provide something useful and accessible. To that end, the rating system was designed to help readers decide, before they spend the time reading, if the article will be of some use to them.

Some less technical readers may find very technically dense articles unhelpful. Similarly, more technical readers may find introductory tutorials to be a needless review.

It’s important to note that “technical”, in this context, refers to the reader’s relative knowledge of computer hardware and software. People can obviously be technically capable in different facets of computing, so the rating system concerns technical knowledge of the reader in regards to the subject of the article on a 1-10 scale.

Technical Rating Descriptions

For brevity sake, SMK refers to subject matter knowledge. For each rating, an example is provided using web programming as the subject matter.

  1. SMK: None. You can open chrome.
  2. SMK: None. You’ve installed chrome before.
  3. SMK: Little. You’ve installed a chrome add-on.
  4. SMK: Some. You know what HTML stands for.
  5. SMK: Familiar. Hello world in HTML.
  6. SMK: Novice. Built a HTML and CSS site.
  7. SMK: Adept. Comfortable in HTML, CSS, Javascript
  8. SMK: Expert. Built full stack web applications.
  9. SMK: Wiz. You build and deploy full stack apps with ease.
  10. SMK: Demi-God. Authored texts on web programming.